Saturday, October 15, 2011

Getting Familiar

We have been spending our time here getting familiar with our surroundings and with living in Kathmandu. The rainy season seems to have finally ended, about one month later than usual. It is still quite warm most days although most locals have begun to wear jackets and sweaters as they are feeling cooler than a month ago. Temperatures still get to the low 30's most days but the evenings and nights do seem to be cooling off a bit more.

There are still lots of flowers blooming here. I have been following a beautiful flowering plant and taking daily pictures for the past 4 days. It is changing every day and will likely flower out in the next few days. So no pictures of that to share today but it is a beautiful plant to observe and admire.

 Just some of the flowers in our neighbourhood. We were walking down a lane that led to the various governmental ministry offices and came across some old abandoned relics. The vines have come to make something beautiful out of things that man has discarded.

Today we had a medical team from the Mayo Clinic arrive for a one week tour. They will be providing training for local medical staff. They attended the church service in the morning, enjoyed lunch at the Red Dingo and were then taken to the site of the new facility. Following is a picture of the team at the new property.