Saturday, March 9, 2013

Building Handover

We are coming to the end of the work on the building. The schedule was for substantial completion by the end of February, but this schedule was extended by a few days due to nation wide political strikes. We did realize substantial completion by the March 3, and on March 4 we accepted the handover of the building into our possession.
Every construction project has a list of deficiencies that need to be addressed upon completion of construction. The engineering firm and I have made a checklist of items that we feel need to be rectified. This work began in mid February, and subsequent check lists have identified issues that will be resolved between March 4 and March 29. That is the work that is going on now in the post handover period and before the owners move in.

So this post will be somewhat different than past ones as I will have few if any comments, but rather just show a series of pictures of various areas of the building in its completed stage. Enjoy the pictures, but to get a real sense of the building, its quality and beauty, you will likely have to come to Nepal and experience with your own eyes.


 The guys at work somehow knew it was my birthday and brought me a cake.
 Not one of toilets but just a random one I saw in Kathmandu. I call it the Princess Toilet.

 Wheel Chair Western toilet
 Wheel Chair Eastern Toilet

 Final checks on ceiling lines and levels
 Main Kitchen
 Meeting Hall

 Main Entrance