Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Return to Nepal

We had a wonderful trip home to Canada for three weeks and arrived back in much warmer Kathmandu on November 13. It was good to see family and friends, but most special to see my mother and celebrate her 89th birthday. We went to Calgary to check in with the tenants in our condo and to see the Samaritan's Purse Canada office. One step out of the airport door was enough to tell us that we were much happier with the climate in Kathmandu.

 Just as a recap, these two pictures show the progress on the project up to October 19th, my last day on site before heading back to Canada.

As I mentioned, we arrived back in Kathmandu on November 13, and on the 14th I went to the project site to see what progress had been made. It was to be three weeks of minimal work as the country was in their main festival season, so all the workers wanted to go home to their families.
Progress was made though as a good number of the workers returned to work for the days between the two festivals. Below is a picture from November 14.
The brick work on the outside walls of the first floor has been completed.
50% of the roof tiles have been placed.
90% of the interior brick walls have been completed.
75% of the steel studs have been installed.
The steel work on the wheel chair ramp is complete.
Great progress has been made on the plumbing, electrical, putty work, and other steel fabrication work.

Steel stud work and brick work forming the plumbing chase between floors.

Steel stud work in the kitchen area

Finished roof tile work in this area and some glass has been installed on one of the sky lights.

Continuing progress on roofing tiles and plaster work on the terrace parapet wall coping.
Overall, the progress during the three weeks I was away from site has been good. The contractor believes they are on track to finish on schedule.

It is good to be back in Kathmandu. The weather is cooling off somewhat and even though the sun shines hot during the day and the temperatures are still in the mid 20's, I find it necessary to wear a vest for most of the day.