Sunday, April 14, 2013

Ready to be Occuppied

It is the middle of April and the residents of the building have begun moving in. Sorry but there will be no pictures of the moving in on this blog partly because this blog is to show the completed building, and partly because the move began yesterday and I have been out of the country. I will be back in time to capture most of the moving in pictures though, so that will be part of the next and final blog.

So here are the pictures of the completed building. The pictures of course can never be as good as seeing it in person, and words just can't seem to fill in the gaps. So enjoy the pictures for what they are and if you want to see more, you will have to come here to see the building in person.

Keys to the building were handed over by the general contractor on March 6, 2013.


 The general contractor threw a bit of a party after the handover to celebrate the substantial completion of the building construction.

Some special guests at the party; My daughter and her husband - Linda stayed home due to a flu bug she caught; and Cyndi - a friend living in Kathmandu.


Below are some of the general contractor managers involved in varying aspects of the project.

Motor cycle parking area

Main entrance courtyard

Flowers have been planted in all the flower beds bringing colour and nature into an otherwise concrete and steel environment.

 Offices ready for furniture and business

The multipurpose hall

The main kitchen complete with brand new stainless steel furnishings.


 The client kitchen

Toilet rooms are completely ready and tested with a mix of western and eastern toilets. Each toilet room is also equipped with a shower.

Main gate already locked and fully functional complete with a call buzzer button on the outside.

Client rooms are ready for beds and occupants.

The water filtration plant is completed and tested. We have already filled one 22,000 litre tank and well on the way to filling the second 22,000 litre tank. The two 2000 liter tanks on the roof and the 5000 litre tank on the roof are full as well.

The hot water system is fully functional and already providing hot water at the bathroom sinks and showers.

Not very visible in any pictures is the rain curtains that come down during the rains to keep those on the wheel chair ramp dry while moving between floors. White chains can be seen hanging down from the bottom side of the clear ramp roof. These are the operating chains for these curtains.

One more post to come.